Film erotci streaming donne incontri italia

film erotci streaming donne incontri italia


Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over years. Traditionally the techniques were restricted to the head and hair, to improve scalp and hair condition of Indian women. Nowadays a system incorporating the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms and face, has evolved developed by Norendra Mehta in the belief that these are important energy centres in the body and by treating these the whole body can benefit. Indian Head Massage is a safe, accessible, and convenient therapeutic treatment that can be performed either in the clinic or the workplace.

Treatment can provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms and induce a state of calm, peace and tranquility and also promote high levels of alertness and concentration.

This simple yet effective therapy uses a variety of techniques to manipulate soft tissue. It is performed with the client in a seated position, usually through light clothing and without the use of oils.

The therapist uses a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head, neck, and upper back and shoulder area. A typical massage will last between 15 and 20 minutes. Indian Head Massage provides relief from aches and pains, promotes a healthy scalp and hair, and helps induce relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

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